Signature Pieces 2014-7-16 AM 10:18 liger  

Margarin Fingers 'coaster ' tee
OhMyGod see through top
Youarenotalone patent skirt
Juju Babe
At Liger Pak Sha


Tatty Devine at Liger Pak Sha


Bunny at Pak Sha 2014-7-4 AM 10:02 liger  

Bernstock Speirs bunny cap

Youarenotalone outfit 

Juju babe in yellow 



Emma Cook top

Tibi sandals 

Créature De Keis sunglasses


#GREEN #STRIPS #OOTD 2014-5-28 AM 10:34 liger  

Karen Walker sunnie, will be in store soon 

Shourouk earrings & bag from Liger 

Oh my god top & belt from Liger and Liger Online 

You Are Not Alone culottes from Liger Pak Sha 

Toga shoes

Hilary's Online Pick 2014-5-14 AM 11:47 liger  

Bernstock Speirs yellow bunny cap from Liger Online Shop
You Are Not Alone Blazer from Liger Pak Sha
Liger Tee by Oh My God from Liger Online Shop
Juju from Liger and Liger Online Shop

Face Pants
Celine Clutch
Yoshiyo Necklace 

Black - White - Grey 2014-5-8 AM 10:07 liger  

Undercover x Effector shades 
Fenton earrings 
You Are Not Alone blazer (More Style from Liger Pak Sha and Online Store) 
Reason Clothing Cancel Tee 
Comme des Garcons ruffle skirt 
Mame clutch 
Juju jelly shoes from Liger and Online Store 

JUJU JELLYSHOES Part 2 2014-4-18 AM 11:47 liger  

On Hilary: You are not alone, C&M, Swash Socks and Juju Babe
On Dorothy: Mother of Pearl Tunic, Andres Gallardo Necklace and Juju Babe

On Mio: House of Holland Tunic and Clutch with Juju Babe 



JuJu Babe Circle

Juju Babe in glitter

Juju Babe in UV Pink

Juju Babe in Yellow

Juju Tinkerbelle in glitter (Will be in stock in end of April)

Juju Fergie and Juju Babe in Pink