Trick of the eye 2014-10-31 AM 11:39 liger  

Venera Arapu new in! 
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Cartoon Elegance 2014-6-5 AM 10:23 liger  

Venera Arapu printed dress

Joomi Lim accessories 

Tibi heels

All from Liger Paterson 

Subtle Tuesday Look 2014-2-18 AM 10:14 liger  

[Subtle Tuesday Look] - Playing around with light colors. 
OhMyGod patent coat from Liger 
Venera Arapu fake print dress  & House Of Holland shades from Liger Paterson 
Dior heels

Ben Lee's Hair Show 2013-11-13 PM 11:53 hilary  



Venera Arapu dress from Liger Paterson

Back by Ann-Sofie Back pumps