Signature Pieces 2014-7-16 AM 10:18 liger  

Margarin Fingers 'coaster ' tee
OhMyGod see through top
Youarenotalone patent skirt
Juju Babe
At Liger Pak Sha


Tatty Devine at Liger Pak Sha


TATTY DEVINE 2014-5-29 AM 11:59 liger  

Tatty Devine Necklaces from Liger Pak Sha 

Green Monday 2014-1-6 AM 10:18 liger  

Tatty Devine brooch & earrings

pushButton jacket

Oh My God top

You Are Not Alone pants

Mark Cross handbag

Les Praires de Paris pumps

Faux Fur Parisian 2014-1-4 PM 01:15 liger  

Tatty Devine Accessories 

Tibi White Dress 

Shao Yen Faux Fur 

Les Prairies De Paris Heels 

Dorothy's TGIF look in Pak Sha 2014-1-3 AM 11:06 liger  

Oh My God Eletric Blue Top from all shops

Tatty Devine Fun Necklace from Pak Sha and Oh My God Woodhouse 

White Skirt 

KTZ Clutch 

Tibi Bexter Heels from Pak Sha and Paterson  

Close up with the TIBI Bexter Heels, they matches with the stockings perfectly! 


Hilary's ootd 2014-1-3 AM 11:02 liger  


What is she wearing?

Bernstock Speirs beanie

Oh My God jacket

Tatty Devine necklace

xPink sweater

Vintage pants

Mame clutch

Marni platforms