Style of the day 2015-6-19 AM 10:21 liger  

Tatanaka dress

Piers Atkinson headband

Minna Parikka heels

All available at Liger Paterson


Style of the day 2015-5-22 PM 06:08 liger  

Tatanaka jumpsuit

Andres Gallardo porcelain necklace

Piers Atkinson hat

All Available at Liger Paterson

Vintage print 2014-11-7 PM 04:19 liger  

tatanaka jacke  

etre cecile tee

Enfold clutch

What's your facial expression? 2014-8-12 AM 11:59 liger  

There are two sides to every story, and more often than not somewhere in the middle you will find the truth.

New arrival of Tatanaka Top and Arche Skirt from Liger Paterson.  


What's on your left hand?  

New arrival of APM Monaco gold bracelet and Redline! 

Hilary on NEXT+ONE cover! 2014-7-3 AM 11:10 liger  

On the cover, Hilary with Kirsty Ward earrings from Liger Paterson 

Tata Naka Dress and Kirsty Ward Necklace from Liger Paterson

Push Liger Button exclusive white biker from Liger Paterson and Liger eStore

Push Liger Button leopard dress from Liger Paterson and Liger eStore

Tata Naka dress and Kirsty Ward necklace from Liger Paterson

Redline bracelet from Harbour City

[New Arrival] TATA-NAKA & SHOUROUK 2014-5-19 AM 10:40 liger  

New Arrival of Tata-Naka and Shourouk at Liger! The latest Tata-Naka SS14 collection, inspired by Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, the artistic prints, applique and conceptual shapes appear on ready-to-wear clothing. Pairing the artistic outfit with irresistible crystal bling from Shourouk and Juju Babe, is another chic and artistic outfit for the spring and summer!


Tatanaka cut out top and skirt at Liger Pak Sha

Shourouk bag from Liger Paterson

Juju Babe in Pink at Liger and Liger Online Store