The White Wall 2014-8-14 AM 10:23 liger  

Dorothy at the white wall with eye popping G.V.G.V. purple full coat, pearl embroidered TNTees top and checkered Petar Petrov trouser. 


ACCESSORIES 2014-5-26 AM 10:45 liger  

**NEW BRAND** MOO Sunglasses from UK, now at Liger Paterson

Nike from Liger Pak Sha 

TNtees tee and Karen Walker sunnies from Liger Pak Sha 

Juju shoes from Liger and Liger Online Store


JuJu Friday 2014-4-25 AM 11:08 liger  

OhMyGod coat
TNTees tee
Emma Cook sweat pants
Karen Walker sunnies
Juju jelly shoes

Embellished Fanciness 2014-3-15 PM 02:05 liger  



Tatanaka jacket

TNTees embellished tee

Marlota pants

Mother of Pearl slip on

All available at Liger Pak Sha