Dorothy's street style 2014-11-20 AM 10:42 liger  

Gigi Burris hat

Filles A Papa sweatshirt 

P.A.M. trousers

Les Praires De Paris T-strap heels

Yazbukey clutch 


Picks of the day 2014-11-4 AM 10:34 liger  

P.A.M. bomber jacket and shoes

Betina top

Antipodium metallic skirt

Kirsty Ward bag

(all at Liger Pak Sha)

Green Pops Up from Denim 2014-8-27 AM 10:58 liger  

Dorothy's #ootd with P.A.M. hat from Liger Pak Sha, Steve J & Yoni P denim overall dress from Liger Paterson and Redline bracelet from Harbour City. 

"I NEED 2 PAIRS" 2014-6-5 AM 10:15 liger  

Yohan Kim “I NEED 2 PAIRS” crop top, an essential item for this summer! Avoid the damaging sunlight with a P.A.M. hat and comfort your feet with P.A.M. sandals!

P.A.M. Hat and sandals

Yohan Kim top

All from Liger Pak Sha 

[The Bunny Dorothy] 2014-4-1 AM 10:43 liger  

Bernstock Speirs from Liger Paterson

Monclear Jacket

P.A.M. Tee (More Style from Liger Pak Sha) 

Versace Pants 

Blue Chic in Paris 2014-3-8 AM 10:15 liger  

Oh My God coat

G.V.G.V. x OC top

P.A.M. pants

Saint Laurent bag

Celine pumps

Dior shades