Style of the day 2015-5-29 PM 05:54 liger  

Anitaliantheory dress and jacket

Opening Ceremony sandals

Yazbukey clutch


Style of The Day 2015-5-28 PM 03:20 liger  

Andrea Crews dress

Shrimps faux fur clutch

Filles A Papa cap

Opening Ceremony sandals

K11 style picks 2015-2-25 PM 03:45 liger  


Swash x Liger tee

Cheap monday jeans

Puma waist bag

Opening Ceremony shoes

All available at Liger K11



Les Prairies De Paris: Vienna's picks 2014-12-4 PM 03:31 liger  

Brand of the week: Les Prairies De Paris

Here are our Shop Manager Vienna's picks!

Les Prairies De Paris jacket & jumper available at Liger Paterson & e-Store (link)



Johanna Ho skirt

7II beanie (link)

Opening Ceremony boots

Andres Gallardo bag