The Vibrant Outlook of Thursday 2014-1-2 AM 10:16 liger  

The very first working day of 2014, wishing all of you a fruitful year!
We would love to present an outfit with the mixture of vibrant colors and unique patterns. 
Stay Lively, Stay lovely and Stay Ligerious! 
[The Vibrant Outlook of Thursday]
Shourouk Necklace 
O'2ND Jacket and Knitted top
Alice McCall Skirt
Koku Clutch
All from Paterson 

The Pink Ninja 2013-12-6 PM 02:17 Ling  

O'2ND knitted top, Wool blended cropped pants & lace patched coat available at Liger Pateraon

OMG slip on from all stores