Knitting You - Lady in Red 2015-11-19 PM 12:00 liger  


Michaela Buerger Knit Top

Vinti Andrews Jeans

Swash X Puma Sneaker

EM. earrings

Cecilia Ma Clutch

Oh My God by Liger beret hat

Style of the day 2015-6-10 PM 05:56 liger  

Michaela Buerger top

Leit motiv skirt

Both available at Liger K11



Style of the day 2015-2-27 AM 11:53 liger  

Michaela Buerger x Liger sweatshirt only available at Liger K11

Andrea Crews skirt at Liger Paterson and K11


The Diva style 2015-1-30 PM 03:08 liger  

Hong Kong Diva Sammi Cheng in Oh My God pink faux fur coat (available in stores and online, link )

Michaela Buerger sweatshirt (available soon)