Dorothy's street style 2014-11-20 AM 10:42 liger  

Gigi Burris hat

Filles A Papa sweatshirt 

P.A.M. trousers

Les Praires De Paris T-strap heels

Yazbukey clutch 


Sunnie Sunnie Dor 2014-8-1 AM 10:58 liger  

Dorothy #TGIF #ootd with Karen Walker Sunnies, Edward Achour Necklace, Les Praires de Paris Top, Alice McCall Skirt and Vintage Chanel Shoes.

Karen Walker sunnies from Liger

Edward Achour necklace from Liger Pak Sha

Les Praires de Paris top and Alice McCall skirt from Liger Paterson 



IKKII BOOTS at Liger Paterson 

#NEWARRIVAL at Liger Paterson


IKKII is a very popular brand from Switzerland founded in late 2012. Every boots are hand crafted according to traditional methods. Each stitch is place with care and attention using the highest quality materials. It is made with passion and worn with love. Come stock them up for your upcoming rock winter! #limitedamounts

#pushLigerButtonTassel Higher 2014-6-18 AM 10:54 liger  

Dorothy's #ootd with silver tassel top and grey oxford shorts. The color of silver and grey always work well on every season. 

Moo eyewear from Liger Paterson 

push Liger Button higher tassel top from Liger Paterson and eShop 

More style of Petar Petrov and Les Prairies de Paris Heels from Liger Paterson 

Carefree Monday 2014-5-5 AM 10:34 liger  

Swash jacket
Les Prairies de Paris crop top
Reality Studio skirt
Andres Gallardo necklace

Hilary's little leak out of a LIGER ONLINE STORE product 2014-4-14 AM 10:46 liger  

Bernstock Speirs bunny cap from Liger ONLINE STORE

Les Prairies de Paris jumper and Pushbutton pants from Liger Paterson

Marni platforms and Chanel clutch (Hilary's Own)