Liger exclusive - Jourden 2016-2-23 PM 05:36 liger  


Liger exclusive: Jourden bronze foil confetti and lime faux hair tunic is now available!

Don't miss it!

Dorothy's OOTD 2015-12-7 AM 10:25 liger  


Oh My God beret hat

Veronique Leroy jacket

Kirsty Ward shirt

Jourden skirt

Bionda Castana lace-up flat

Mua Mua Dolls bag

Style of A Day 2015-7-20 PM 03:03 liger  

Joomi Lim Necklace 
Jourden Top 
Tibi Skirt 
Vanessa Tao Clutch and Heels 

All At Liger K11 


Style of the day 2015-6-15 PM 12:03 liger  

Benoit Missolin hat

Jourden top

Oh My God sequined ruffle skirt

Yazbukey clutch

Oh My God SS15 2015-5-15 PM 05:50 liger  

Oh My God curvy seam ruffles camisole

Jourden skirt

Benoit Missolin hat