Style of A Day 2015-7-20 PM 03:03 liger  

Joomi Lim Necklace 
Jourden Top 
Tibi Skirt 
Vanessa Tao Clutch and Heels 

All At Liger K11 


style of the day 2015-7-16 PM 02:34 liger  

Johanna Ho top

Joomi Lim necklace

Wonder Anatomie skirt

available at Liger K11

Style of the day 2015-6-25 PM 05:22 liger  

Yohanix top and skirt

Joomi Lim necklace

all available at Liger K11

Style of the day 2015-6-22 AM 10:32 liger  

Oh My God top & culottes (available in stores and online)

Joomi Lim necklace(available in stores)

Super Duper hat(available at Liger Paterson)


Style of the day 2015-5-7 PM 01:42 liger  

Joomi Lim necklace

Naco Paris dress

Yazbukey bag

Kenzo sandals

Style of the day 2015-5-6 PM 05:57 liger  

Super Duper Hats hat

Joomi Lim ​necklace

OhMyGod asymmetrical top

pushbutton shorts

Shourouk bag