Style of the day 2015-6-1 AM 10:11 liger  

Super Duper hat

tibi top

Swash London shorts

G.V.G.V. sandals & bag

fleamadonna sunglasses


Style of the day 2015-3-12 PM 12:46 liger  

Margarin Fingers top

fleamadonna see through skirt

Cheap Monday jeans

G.V.G.V. platforms

Fleamadonna: Chrystie's Pick 2014-12-27 PM 03:09 liger  

Brand of the week: Fleamadonna(available in stores and online).

Our Online Marketing Executive Chrystie styles the Fleamadonna gown with

xPink pearl embellished cashmere sweater(available in stores)

7II beanie(in stores and online)

OhMyGod pink PU dungaree dress(in stores and online)

Fleamadonna: Mio's Pick 2014-12-24 PM 02:32 liger  

Brand of the week: Fleamadonna(available at Liger K11 and eStore).

Our buyer Mio styles the leopard skirt with

xPink jumper (in stores and online)

Piers Atkinson cap (coming soon)

OhMyGod sleeveless jacket (in stores and online)

Yazbukey necklace(coming soon)