Bunny in Enfold 2015-4-10 AM 10:11 liger  

Bernstocks Speirs Bunny Cap 

Enfold Outfit 

G.V.G.V. Clutch and Sandals 

at Liger Paterson 

xPink: Janet's Pick 2014-12-11 PM 03:18 liger  

Brand of the week: xPink

Here is our Marketing and PR executive Janet's pick- purple jumper available in stores.



Enfold pink coat available online

OhMyGod flare pants available in stores and online

Daydream Nation necklace coming soon


Vintage print 2014-11-7 PM 04:19 liger  

tatanaka jacke  

etre cecile tee

Enfold clutch

Liger Paterson Style Picks 2014-10-28 AM 10:24 liger  

Paskal coat and laser cut pants

Enfold necklace

Say my name top

Mata Hari × Joomi Lim bag (also at Liger Pak Sha)

G.V.G.V.  platforms

Playful print 2014-10-27 AM 11:01 liger  

Filles A Papa top and enfold necklace at Liger Paterson

Naco Paris skirt at Liger Pak Sha

Yazbukey clutch at Liger Paterson and K11 pop up store


Refreshing Green 2014-10-20 PM 01:33 liger  


pushbutton x Liger jacket

etre cecile neoprene sweater

Enfold clutch (above from Liger Paterson)

OhMyGod pants in stores and online