Emma Cook 2014-9-25 AM 10:36 liger  

Emma Cook total look 
Andres Gallardo bag
Cheap Monday heels 
All from Liger Pak Sha 

Bunny at Pak Sha 2014-7-4 AM 10:02 liger  

Bernstock Speirs bunny cap

Youarenotalone outfit 

Juju babe in yellow 



Emma Cook top

Tibi sandals 

Créature De Keis sunglasses


ORANGE - Pak Sha 2014-6-25 AM 11:19 liger  

Karen Walker shades
Cheap Monday necklace and earring 
Peter Jensen sweatshirt
Emma Cook skirt


Nike air max
Fleet Ilya visor
Koku clutch

Emma Cook 2014-6-19 AM 10:34 liger  

Emma Cook new arrival at Liger Pak Sha

BLUE CROC PRINT 2014-5-22 AM 10:19 liger  

Dorothy's #ootd with Emma Cook's croc skin print sweatshirt and pants, a rich color texture of clothing with almost no accessories to accompany with. The best items for lazy days while you do not have to spend too much time on mix and matching the clothes.


Emma Cook Sweat Shirt and Pants from Liger Paterson 

Juju Babe from Liger and Liger Online