Military Chic 2015-4-13 PM 12:19 liger  

Christopher Raeburn jacket & backpack

G.V.G.V. 2 way skirt & sunglasses

Petar Petrov metallic heels



Something FUN and something NEW. 2014-6-30 AM 10:00 liger  

Filles a Papa cap and swimsuit
Jourden skirt
pushbutton platforms
Christopher Raeburn rucksack 
All from Liger Paterson


#NEWARRIVAL at Liger Pak Sha 

77th Earrings from Thailand. Pairing up the unique earrings with fun and pop elements! 

Friday Night Out 2014-4-4 AM 10:21 liger  

Antipodium leopard print shirt and red patent skirt
Edward Achour necklace 
Christopher Raeburn bag
Opening Ceremony shoes
at Liger Paterson


Embroidery and Blue 2014-3-17 AM 10:27 liger  

Yohan Kim top
Fleamadonna pants
Alice MaCall platforms
Christopher Raeburn doggy handbag
All from Liger Paterson 

Earth Tone 2014-3-5 AM 10:29 liger  

Antipodium shirt
Christopher Raeburn mesh pants and bag
At Liger Paterson