#NEWARRIVAL BLESS 2014-8-4 PM 02:52 liger  

Bless top and coat from Liger Pak Sha 


Swash Sweater 

Comfortable SWASH sweater from Liger eStore and Liger Paterson 


HOT SHOES 2014-7-31 AM 10:41 liger  

Obsess with the monotone patterns? The hottest Opening Ceremony slip ons at Liger Paterson.  


The Knit Jacket 

Bless jacket 
Filles A Papa vest
Valdimir Karlaleev skirt
from Liger Pak Sha 

Contemporary Jumpsuit 2014-5-16 AM 10:35 liger  

Shourouk cap 
Opening ceremony bag 
Bless jumpsuit 
Kenzo sneakers
at Liger Paterson 

Comfy 2014-1-30 PM 12:39 liger  

Bless Cardigan 

Oh My God Top and Shorts

Opening Ceremony Shoes