Pick of the day 2015-6-8 PM 05:48 liger  

Andres Gallardo porcelain accessories available in stores


Style of the day 2015-5-22 PM 06:08 liger  

Tatanaka jumpsuit

Andres Gallardo porcelain necklace

Piers Atkinson hat

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Dorothy's Picks of Liger Pak Sha 2014-11-24 AM 10:31 liger  

Peter Jensen sweatshirt

Johanna Ho pants

Les Prairies De Paris heels

Margarin Fingers bag

Andres Gallardo Earrings

Karen Walker sunnies

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Elegant Black 2014-11-10 PM 02:35 liger  

Edward Achour coat available online and Liger Paterson

PushLigerButtion tee

Andres Gallardo bag 

Girly chic 2014-11-5 PM 08:01 liger  


House of Holland dress

Andres Gallardo porcelain handbag

Fleamadonna x Reike Nen silver platforms 

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Emma Cook 2014-9-25 AM 10:36 liger  

Emma Cook total look 
Andres Gallardo bag
Cheap Monday heels 
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