Knitting You - Classic Black and White 2015-11-19 PM 12:06 liger  



Back by Ann Sofie Back Trousers

Shrimps Knit Top

Mata Hari bag

Push Button faux fur coat

APM monaco bangle

Les Prairies De Paris: Chrystie's picks! 2014-12-2 PM 02:49 liger  

Brand of the week: Les Prairies De Paris 


Here are our Online Marketing Executive Chrystie's picks!

Pink tee, coat and trousers by Les Prairies De Paris (available at Liger Paterson and e-store)



Hat by pushbutton (in stores and e-store)

Sunglasses by Creature De Keis(e-store only)

bracelet by apm Monaco(in stores only)

Clutch by Matahari × Joomi Lim (in stores only)

Fluffy Fur Friday 2014-9-19 AM 10:37 liger  

Gigi Burris hat
Margarin Fingers fur bra top
KTZ fur skirt
Tibi platform
All from Liger Pak Sha

Joomi Lim necklace and APM Monaco ring and bracelet from Liger 

What's your facial expression? 2014-8-12 AM 11:59 liger  

There are two sides to every story, and more often than not somewhere in the middle you will find the truth.

New arrival of Tatanaka Top and Arche Skirt from Liger Paterson.  


What's on your left hand?  

New arrival of APM Monaco gold bracelet and Redline!