Crystal all the way 2013-12-29 AM 11:41 Ling  

House of Holland crystal sweatshirt & skirt Available at Liger Paterson


[What's Up] A little update before the year of 2014! 2013-12-28 AM 11:29 Ling  

Good Morning! Time flies, as today is the last weekend of 2013, are you ready to rock your celebration for the coming 2014?

Still have not found your perfect outfit yet? Don't worry, check out the below items. They may surprises you! 


[The Shocking Blue Look]

The attractive shocking blue Kirsty Ward mesh shirt with patent leather collar-dress may bring you a fresh new luck for 2014. It is fashionable, chic and playfun. (From Liger Paterson)


[Green Patterned Look]

Family dinner, friends gathering, get wasted after? Try this outfit with the approachable Tibi green top, unique Emma Cook skirt and Vladimir Karaleev booties. It is stylish and classy with a touch of seduction. (from Liger Pak Sha)  



Happy Saturday! Shop Liger for the upcoming celebration! 

B for Bling 2013-12-26 AM 09:56 Ling  

B for boy? ...No! B is for bling!

Exquisite Shourouk necklaces has freshly arrived at Liger Paterson & Pak Sha!

Tibi New Arrivals 2013-12-25 AM 11:47 Ling  

We wish you a merry Christmas!

Heels are girls' best friend especially during holiday/party season!

Evie heel by Tibi available at Liger Pak Sha.