Bringing back the 70's 2015-9-22 PM 03:47 liger  

Andrea Crews cropped shirt

Alice McCall flared pants

MiniMe Paris hat

pushbutton bag

Style of the day 2015-9-18 PM 05:37 liger  

Arche biker jacket

REDValentino checked shirt

Oh My God Black Ruffle Culottes

Bernstock Speirs Black Sequin Beret

Candies Silicone Bag

G.V.G.V. black lace-up boots

Dorothy's OOTD 2015-9-17 PM 05:55 liger  

Asics Tiger x Naked sneaker (available exclusively at Liger from 19/09)

Paskal dress

Helene Berman beret


Dorothy's OOTD 2015-9-14 PM 05:51 liger  

Oh My God blue holy crab sweat dress and beret available now