Dorothy's OOTD 2015-3-24 PM 06:20 liger  

Karen Walker sunglasses available in stores

Jourden jacket available in stores and online

pushButton pants


The urban look 2015-3-22 PM 05:45 liger  

Super Duper Hats turban

Jourden top and maxi skirt

Shourouk bracelet

Yazbukey clutch



Are you ready for summer? 2015-3-13 PM 03:26 liger  

Benoit Missolin hat

Arche dress

Andres Gallardo porcelain bag

All available at Liger Paterson


Style of the day 2015-3-12 PM 12:46 liger  

Margarin Fingers top

fleamadonna see through skirt

Cheap Monday jeans

G.V.G.V. platforms