K11 new shop opening exclusive collaboration: G.V.G.V. 2015-1-31 PM 03:11 liger  


To celebrate our new shop opening at K11 Mall, there are 11 collaborated items with different brands exclusively for Liger K11 Boutique only!

Thanks G.V.G.V. designer @mug_gvgv for designing this iPhone case for us!

The Diva style 2015-1-30 PM 03:08 liger  

Hong Kong Diva Sammi Cheng in Oh My God pink faux fur coat (available in stores and online, link )

Michaela Buerger sweatshirt (available soon)


Liger Paterson Picks 2015-1-28 PM 05:13 liger  

Tibi top and skirt

Kirsty Ward London x Williamson Handmade leather bag (on sale)

HELENE ZUBELDIA Paris necklace (on sale)

All from Liger Paterson

High street style 2015-1-26 PM 04:03 liger  

Cheap Monday sweatshirt (from Liger K11)

Filles a Papa skirt

BACK by Ann-Sofie Back leggings

Joomi Lim  necklace

Nike sneakers

Love it furry much! 2015-1-23 PM 04:22 liger  


shop the House of Holland faux fur coat and jacket at Liger Paterson and K11