Dorothy's Pak Sha Look 2013-11-28 PM 01:44 Dorothy  


Karen Walker Sunnie

Fleamadonna Necklace

Emma Cook Top

P.A.M Pants 

Tibi Shoes 

All items are from Liger Pak Sha Boutique 

[Johanna Ho x Oh My God] 2013-11-27 PM 01:15 hilary  


Want to meet Johanna Ho, Hilary Tsui and Dorothy Hui? Come join our up coming pop up event on FRIDAY at 5:00 at Liger Paterson!!! Check out our latest exclusive "Johanna Ho x Oh My God" collection!!

Cat Woman in Blue 2013-11-27 PM 01:13 hilary  


Anna Karin Karlson Sunnies (from Liger Paterson)
Style Stalker Dress (from Liger Pak Sha)
Mother of Pearl Slip On

Romantic Winter Look 2013-11-26 PM 12:52 hilary  


Bernstock Speirs Beanie 

Nanushka Jacket 

Say My Name Dress

Happy Socks Tights 

Oh My God Slip On